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MINUTES FOR OPEN MEETING (draft for approval at next meeting)

OCTOBER 26, 2017


Quorum Established


Members Present: Rhonda Powell (Treasurer), Art Koskola (At Large), Ty Liebig (Secretary) and Joe Snyder (At Large).


Also in Attendance: Phil Mahr, Association Manager


Members Absent: John Hamilton (President), Barbara Powell (Vice-President)


The homeowner forum was called to order at 6:00pm



Peter/A building - wanted to thank Phil for repairing air handler in A building.


Carlos/E building – Thanked Phil for keeping the A/C on as it was a very hot the week prior to HOA meeting.


Peter/A building – brought up issue of widow hangings being “ugly, tacky and inconsistent.”  Phil stated there are some homeowners who have already been fined.  Phil stated he will walk property and issue fines for the homeowners who are not in compliance.


Homeowners brought up issues with the new light bulbs that have been replaced, having different brightness levels and not being uniform throughout property.  Phil will go around property to look for lights burnt out to replace and is ordering news bulbs to switch out with homeowners current bulbs.


Several homeowners remarked about our new lawncare provider Snappy Lawn Care and asked about Jose.  Comments were made that Snappy is doing a great job in Jose’s absence.  Snappy filled a hole in courtyard near E Building and did reseed patches of grass that didn’t take well.  Joe stated he was happy they filled the hole and Phil confirmed that Snappy did go through and reseed.


Diane/A building – Commented on grass reseeding and sprinklers on which seems excessive and on to much of a watering schedule.  Also, that dogs and people should not be allowed on grass during the reseeding process.  Idea was given about putting up signs.  Phil will look into idea of signs and/or way to prevent issues during reseeding.


The Board of Directors Open Meeting was called at 6:17pm.


Motion was made by Joe Snyder to approve the September minutes as written.  Seconded by Ty.  Approved.


Financial Report, presented by Rhonda Powell; noted 97K in bank holdings. He also reviewed highlights – monthly, YTD budget variance report.

•         Reserves - Rhonda expressed concern again that we needed more of an austerity perspective on new spending. If you subtract the $50K CD (homeowner deposits) from the “reserve” accounts there only remains approximately $35K . This might not cover a real emergency, nor is it enough to maintain our infrastructure.





Manager's Report         10/26/2017              Phil Mahr, Community Manager


 Office Administration Update

·         Currently interviewing a part time office assistant/ receptionist.

·         Going to rely on the regular maintenance providers (Mike and Carlos) to be on call 4 nights per week. After hours on call hourly rate to be $25, with a two hour minimum.

·         Work Authorization/ Construction Request Form final draft is complete – see attached.

·         YARDI software integration in progress, on schedule to be fully set up and functional by December 31.

HOA & Property management tool which will monitor all aspects of management including:

1.       Dues billing

2.       CCRS rules regs. violations, notices

3.       Architectural reviews

4.      Track homeowners and reference tax records

5.      Submit various reports manually or pre-scheduled

Health & Safety


·         No reports of rats since last meeting


·         Analog Century Link line installed. Gate Guys are troubleshooting the south controller to assure that gate remotes and gate controllers are back online.

Parking Space Rentals

·         Three spaces still available

·         $50 per month

Maintenance issues between September 24, 2017 through October 26, 2017

Water Supply

·         Water Leak D 202 Troubleshoot & Resolved

·         Water Leak C 103 Repaired

·         Recirculation Pump replaced in D building

Cost $360 (Retro-active funding approval needed)

·         Gas Valve for Boiler #3 in D building replaced

Cost $285 (Retro-active funding approval needed)

Drain & Sewer

·         C 201 Sink drain line backup

·         D 102 Sink drain line backup

·         D 107 Sink drain line backup

·         C 108 Shower drain line backup

Total cost for backups listed above $ 480 (Retro-active funding approval needed)

·         C -01 Kitchen drain stack: Recommending Relining by Nu-flow

At this time, the line is draining, but we don't want to wait until there is a serious problem.  We will do preventative maintenance now,  to avoid any future issues. If the procedure works as we anticipate, we can move forward with other areas of the complex which will have the same pending maintenance concerns.

Cost Up to $ 15,000 (Funding Approval Needed)


·         Purged water line in B Building

·         Water line purge in A building scheduled for next Wednesday

·         Replaced air handler motor in A building common area


Elevator towers

·         Replaced wall unit AC unit in E building

Cost $100 (Retroactive funding approval needed)


·         North and south pool gates have been locked for seasonal maintenance over the next month.

·         Saw cut cool deck and dig trench to repair light in N. Pool delayed due to plumbing priorities, to be resumed next week.


·         Large trees need to be trimmed Cost $3600 (Funding approval needed)

Other Maintenance

·         Replaced Coax cable conduit with custom aluminum covers and repainted E Building - In house maintenance

·         Repaired east stair well light conduit E building – In house maintenance. Cost $120 (Retro active funding approval needed)

·         Catwalk floor coat C building is still in progress, floors 2 and Progress will continue next week- In House Maintenance

·         B Building new ceiling tile completed by in house maintenance

·         B Building block wall has been repaired - No Cost

·         South block [bordering the field] was hit by a car. The wall has been repaired. Cost $1100 (Retro active funding approval needed.)

·         Metal trim around elevator doors are in the process of being stripped and repainted. In house maintenance Cost $250 (Funding approval needed)


Total retroactive funding needed: $ 2445

Total pending funds needed:  $ 18,850

Motion was made by Rhonda to approve retro funding of $2,445 as well as to approve pending funding of $18,850 contingent upon funding availability. Ty seconded.  Approved.



New Business-


Landscape and signage


Pending funding availability landscaping requested $100 for new plants for community and replace ones that had died.


Continuing Business-


Peter – said that he thought setting up savings accounts for new projects would be a good idea and wanted feedback from the other members of the board. After some discussion, John suggested we table this conversation until a later time.


There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 6:48pm.


Submitted by-


Ty Liebig, Secretary