​​​​​​​        Windsor  Place  Condominiums


MINUTES FOR OPEN MEETING (draft for approval at next meeting)
SEPT. 28,  2017

Quorum Established

Members Present: John Hamilton (President), Barbara Powell (Vice-President), Peter White (Treasurer), Art Koskola (At Large), Rhonda Powell (Secretary) and Ty Liebig (At Large).

Also in Attendance: Phil Mahr, Association Manager

 Members Absent-Joe Snyder ( At-Large)

 The homeowner forum was called to order at 6:00pm


Bob, owner of C202 wanted to let us know that the stairwell lights were out in his building. Phil said that he has someone checking the lights once a week but he will make sure they are checked again in his building and we will get them replaced. Bob also asked if we could tell him how much of the $12,000 assessment had been collected. Peter said we have collected approximately $11,000 of the total amount.

Nanou, owner of D301 said that she had heard a rumor about some of the homeowners wanting to replace the board and she wanted to know what it would take for them to achieve this. John Hamilton stated that elections to the board are a democratic process. Homeowner's are allowed to vote us out if they choose to do so. He said that 25% of the homeowners would need to sign a petition to call for a special meeting to ask for the resignation of a board member and at this time we had not received any such petition.  Art said that every year at election time we hear the same rumor.

A question was asked about window replacement. Homeowner wanted to know if they needed permission to replace their windows. Homeowner was advised that the R&Rs state that only white or aluminum replacement windows are acceptable.

Barb then asked about glass block and was told that glass block was acceptable as long as there were no bars on or in them.  Phil said that an email letting him know that they are having the work done would be appreciated.

The Board of Directors Open Meeting was called at 6:23pm.

Motion was made by Peter to approve the July-Aug minutes as written.  Seconded by Art. Approved

Financial Report, presented by Peter White; noted 96K in bank holdings. He also reviewed highlights – monthly, YTD budget variance report.

•         Reserves - Peter expressed concern again that we needed more of an austerity perspective on new spending. If you subtract the $50K CD (homeowner deposits) from the “reserve” accounts there only remains approximately $34K . This might not cover a real emergency, nor is it enough to maintain our infrastructure.

•         Peter said that he thought setting up savings accounts for new projects would be a good idea and wanted feedback from the other members of the board. After some discussion, John suggested we table this conversation until a later time.

•         Art wanted to know if the YTD amount for legal fees was correct. Peter stated that the amount was correct, and reiterated that it included an additional $1K per month to pay the old outstanding balance.  The agreement is to pay that, plus 100% of new fees billed each month.

Manager's Report         9/28/2017              Phil Mahr, Community Manager

 Office Administration Update

•         Currently interviewing a part time office assistant/ receptionist.

•         Remodel & contractor worksheet and fines for violating HOA protocol final draft.

•        YARDI software integration in progress, on schedule to be fully set up and functional by December. 1St Payment has been processed.

                HOA & Property management tool which will monitor all aspects of management including:

                Dues billing

                CCRS rules regs. violations, notices

                Architectural reviews

                Track homeowners and reference tax records

                Submit various reports manually or pre-scheduled

New COX infrastructure being installed throughout the community

•         Lines are all active. Construction to be completed by 10/05/2017

Health & Safety


•         No reports of rats since last meeting


•         Still working with COX & Gate guys to assure that gate remotes and gate controllers are back online.

Parking Space Rentals

•         Three spaces still available

                $50 per month

Maintenance issues between July 27, 2017 through August 24, 2017

Water Supply

•         Leak in C 103. Pinhole copper leak. Repair complete.

       In house Maintenance


Drain & Sewer

•         C 101 & 201 Sink Drain Repair- proactive measure to avoid failure of line. Service Provider: Plumb Medic

        Cost: $3200 (Retroactive Funding Approval Needed)

•         Repaired Drain C 501 & Inspected C 301

        Cost $263.00 (Retroactive Funding Approval Needed)

•         D 105 Sink backup, after hours cable.

        In house maintenance   

        Cost: $ 160 (Retroactive funding approval needed)


•         Sunstate has reported that the old chiller could be running in conjunction with the new one. This would save thousands of dollars annually on repair costs and would drastically reduce the associations utility bills next summer.

•         Sunstate is currently compiling an estimate to get the old chiller up and running again.

•         Replaced Suction Transducer On Chiller Unit

•         Service Provider: Sunstate Mechanical   

        Cost: $980 (Retroactive Funding Approval Needed)

•         Purged all water lines in Buildings C D E

        In house Maintenance

•         Repaired common condensation line in D 208. Advised owner that he has failing drip pans, which should be repaired or replaced on both units.

        In house Maintenance


Elevator towers

•         E Building Elevator stuck at bottom floor. Removed debris from track and repaired door sensor.

        Service Provider: Sandoval Elevator    

        Cost: $174 (Retroactive Funding Approval Needed)


•         North and south pool gates have been locked for seasonal maintenance over the next month.

•         Saw cut cool deck and dig trench to repair light in N. Pool delayed due to plumbing priorities, to be resumed next week.

Other Maintenance

•         South Side C building lights- 12 Bulbs Replaced. Conduit repair and additional 36 lightbulbs replaced by Saturday 9/30.

        In House Maintenance

        Cost: $300 (Funding Approval Needed)

•         E building Stairwell lights – Repaired conduit

        In House Maintenance

•         Catwalk floor coat C building is still in progress, floors 2 and Progress will continue next week.

        In House Maintenance

•         B Building new ceiling tile installation In Progress. Will be completed by Friday 9/29.

        In House Maintenance

•         Two sprinkler valves have been replaced and four pvc lines repaired throughout the property

        In House Maintenance

•         B Building block wall repair:

        Insurance adjuster for driver at fault has not settled the claim.

        In order to mitigate any liability issues, the loose block has been removed and the has been closed with        plywood until permanent repair is made. Plywood has been painted. Recommending an attorney letter to AAA             insurance who is ignoring our calls.

Total retroactive funding needed: $ 4777

Total pending funds needed:  $ 300

Peter made a motion to approve retroactive finding of $4777 as well as to approve the pending funding of $300 contingent on financial availability. Barb seconded. Approved.

New Business-

Landscape and signage


                Art commented on how well the agave's that we planted on the west wall were doing and mentioned that we could   

                use more of them if they became available. He also mentioned that he had spoken to Rhonda about purchasing

                some plants to replace the ones that had died.

Continuing Business-

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20pm.

Submitted by-

Rhonda Powell, Secretary